Monday, November 28, 2011

Magic Carpets

Central Idea: Patterns help us make sense of the world.
Visual Arts Line of Inquiry: How patterns are used in Middle Eastern art
I first saw this idea over here at Georgetown Elementary Art and I thought I'd add it to our integrated Pattern Unit with my Grade 1's.  Perfectly appropriate for the Middle East!
On the first day, we watched a few videos of rug weavers doing their thing-- most of the kids had no idea how the rugs were made!  Then did some printing of various shapes (cookie cutters, lids, etc).  
The next lesson was spent refining the details with Sharpie markers and then coloring it all in with oil pastels.  We looked closely at carpet designs and talked about what is normally seen in them.  (i.e, no happy faces or trucks!)
Step One- printing the basic pattern
Step Two- adding details and coloring


  1. too cute. Loved how you displayed them!

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