Saturday, November 19, 2011

Paper Mosaics

Central Idea: Patterns help us make sense of the world.
Visual Arts Line of Inquiry: How patterns are used in Middle Eastern art

The Grade 1 kids are cuckoo for patterns right now-- it's so nice to see them completely immersed in this interdisciplinary unit!  We just finished our Middle Eastern cityscapes and it was a perfect tie-in for an in depth look at Middle Eastern art and patterns.

I had parent volunteers chop up some origami paper into diamonds and squares.  I found an excellent template for the radial design here and I blew it up to A3 on the copier and handed them out.  The children could pick the pre-cut pieces they wanted to use and the whole project was done in one 45 minute period.

Next up...Middle Eastern magic carpets...:)

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