Tuesday, January 10, 2012

African Silohuettes

In preparation a visit from guests artists from Africa (Tingatinga painters who will be visiting our school next week), we took a look at typical African animals and the concept of a souvenir.  Since Tingatinga painting is aimed at the East African tourist market, it's important for them to understand what makes these paintings so special and commerically successful.

I asked the kids, "If you went on a safari, what kinds of things would you like to remember?"

Hopefully making some simple line drawings of the "Big Five" animals for the silohuettes will be good preparation for their own Tingatinga paintings, which they'll make with the artists on Saturday morning.  We all can't wait!!


  1. I like the idea here. I teach African art and it seems like I am always doing a weaving, but I really like this.

  2. Thanks Jen-- will post some photos of the finished Tingatinga paintings as well.