Sunday, January 22, 2012


This is what I've been up to for the last few days...little chicken in the clinic hooked up to an IV, little chicken hooked up to a nebulizer--rinse, repeat. We are so lucky,  our wonderful fabulous amazing househelper from Sri Lanka (we've been waiting for 5 months for her!)-- who unfortunately brought a new cold and new germs and Lucia picked a secondary infection on top of the lung infection she already had.

There were NO SUBS available today so art classes were just... canceled.  I have a feeling there were some unhappy classroom teachers around the school today.


  1. Oh my gosh! You poor baby! She still has a smile on her face. Kids are very resilient. It's so hard to see her with the mask still. I hope she is feeling better. I hope your teachers wouldn't feel unhappy about that! One thing at our school is we are all women and most of us are the responsible for the children in our house, we back each other up when it comes to anything kid/health/family related or anything really! Even if we have to double up a class in order for someone to take a dr's appt. It's a sisterhood. I hope your colleagues will understand and form that kind of a sisterhood. . . it's the only way that works (in my opinion!)

  2. Oh and our music teacher is a male but practically a single dad! So he totally is in it too! He backs everyone up the most putting out our sub plans getting a t.v. whatever, he is always there in an emergency.

  3. Ahhh.:( I hope your daughter gets well soon! When my daughter was little she came down with a virus that kept the entire pediatric staff at Cedars Sinai guessing and doing tests. It's so tough to see your child suffering. I'm sure those teachers are thinking of you and your daughter. Speedy recovery for su hija!!

  4. Oh dear. You shouldn't worry even one second about what is happening at school. Your sweet girl is your priority and somehow life will go on without you at school so you can take care of her, and everyone there will survive! I hope she is feeling better soon. Take care!

    1. thanks so much guys-- she seems a lot better today but we're going to keep her home with our helper for one day more just in case. luckily my school is about a 2 minute bike ride away and i've got lots of prep time tomorrow so i'll just bounce back and forth all day to give her meds and nebulize her. she's dancing to Dora the Explorer right now so I think she'll be ok. :)