Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trees and Roots

Transdisciplinary Theme: Sharing the Planet
Central Idea: Living things share our planet and depend on each other.

The Grade One kids are crazy about plants these days. We had a big chat the importance of the things we cannot see...the roots of the trees under the earth, the sea life that flourishes beneath the surface, even the pipes and electrical wires in our houses.  I wanted them to understand that artists can take on the special role of opening people's eyes to the things that aren't visible in our everyday lives.

They used "magic white" cray pas on the roots to resist the watercolor paint they used on the soil layers.  Imaginary colors and patterns were used for the earth's layers beneath the surface while the life above the surface was as realistic as possible.


  1. I love the "magic white"! What a way to get them excited. This is a great lesson that really gets the kids thinking and imagining. Love it!

    1. thanks a lot liz,-- i would love to expand this into things like: what "really" goes on in your toaster, in your brain, in your belly...the possibilities are endless!

  2. These are so ,so cool! I am putting this one in my files! Thanks for sharing! Happy Blogging! :)