Saturday, May 19, 2012

Portfolio cover sheets

I was inspired by a post over at the Art of Ed about making cover sheets for art portfolios.   I wanted the cover sheets to be a broad overview of the year in art class.  Since my current job entails teaching the little ones (kinder to Grade 2), I needed to minimize the written reflections.   I especially like the idea of drawing the 3D pieces that have already been sent home, so they're aren't forgotten.

I'll post some finished ones as they come in.

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  1. Nice! I also made a portfolio based on the one at AOE, and used it last year - it was a huge improvement from my portfolio experiments of the past. I really like your idea of making a drawing of the clay piece that already went home! I'll have to add that. I am also adding my classroom rules and a section on "How to label your work." (Mine is 2 pages)