Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another school year, another organizational idea

I bummed around on Pinterest for a few hours yesterday and found some great ideas. This is part what I've got cooking for this year:

1: Every table is a color (in my case, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange.) There is a paintbrush painted the table color hanging over each table.

2: Each chair is also a color that matches the table plus a number.  There will be a seating chart so every kiddo has a table and chair number.  This way I can group by table ("Green table please line up!") or by number ("All the #4's please sit on the carpet.")

3:  In the middle of each table, there is a "map" indicating where each chair belongs.  This hopefully will prevent kids moving chairs around so that there are 3 people scrunched on one side and 1 person alone on the other side.

4: I put a line of tape on the floor leading towards the door.  There is a square with a color and number that corresponds with the chair numbers and colors.  That way, when I call a table color to line up, the kids will just find stand on the color and number that matches their chair.  Hopefully this will eliminate arguing about where to stand in line.  So if a child sits at Chair #3 at the orange table, she'll just find the orange #3 in line, easy.

I am also planning on a clean up and rewards chart using the table colors-- coming soon! :)


  1. Love the idea for lining up! To line up my younger students I call"colors". They love it. I usually do it with only K-3 but will occasionally have my older kids ask if we can line up by color! I simply call out a color and if you are wearing that color you may walk to get in line. The rules are the color may be anywhere on your person that we can visually see no matter what size( it may be a tiny stripe on something) It shows me who is thinking... I have called red and had redheads get in line because their hair is red! I also put down a tape line for my K-2 graders to stand on so there is no issue as to where the line lines up. Have a great year! :)

  2. Two of my colleagues use the numbered chair method and love it. I have never heard of the map idea, but it seems like it would help. Isn't Pinterest awesome?

    Rina at