Monday, August 13, 2012

Classroom Organization 2

Each class in that comes to art has their own shelf, it's where I store all the individual art folders with all the artwork inside.  We have a high ELL population here and my students are little (Kinder-Grade 2), so I decided to add teacher photos this year to help kids figure out where their work belongs.

I will tape a small class list up there as well in case I have a child who forgot to add the class code to the back, I can quickly refer to the list.  Also, I frequently get asked to remind the kids of the class codes, and this way they can just look for their teacher and they've got it.

Do you run on a rotating schedule?  Does it drive you nuts?  I've posted this outside my classroom, I'll change the arrow for Week 1 and Week 2 weekly.  Hopefully it will cut down on, "Do we have art today?" and "Is it Week 1 or Week 2?"

Here is an Art Room Voice Level chart that I adapted from Splats, Scraps, and Glue Blobs.  I made the language a little simpler for my little ones.  I like the idea of having the kids stop and think about what their volume is (they can hold up the # of fingers to show what they think) and then adjust accordingly.

I also adapted something wonderful I found here at Coral Vs Salmon.  I love the simple language and will be a great reflection on the class at the end of the period.

Lastly, here are my cabinets.  I just covered them with butcher paper and some print outs, they make me happy to look at.  I know this has nothing to do with organization. :)  I hope the first day goes well for all!


  1. LOVE the voice levels poster!! Excellent layout for your blog also - I am really enjoying your background! Come & visit me at Dream Painters - I'd value your feedback :)

  2. Super honored to be reffed on your blog. You totally made my day! Your voice level sign is simply genius -- the pictures correlate seemlessly with each level. I especially dig Magritte's mouthless man down representing "No Talking." Fantastic!

  3. Your voice levels revision is awesome. Any chance you would share it? Much simpler for young kiddos.