Saturday, September 15, 2012

Las Guitarras

This was such a fun project to kick start the year.  I first spotted these fantastic guitars over at There's a Dragon in My Artroom and Phyl got the idea from Mary over at Painted Paper. Muchas gracias, Mary and Phyl!

What do the sounds we hear every day say about our culture?

We tuned in by listening to flamenco guitar and talked about the different sounds of our cultures or places we've been.  I told the kids about living in Ecuador and how there was music there everywhere, all the time. The call to prayer was a big one for where we are now.

Next, I showed some examples of colorful Mexican guitars and we practiced practiced practiced drawing guitar shapes.  Two overlapping circles and a rectangle, easy peesy.

The kids drew guitars on big paper, and chose 2 colors of paint, I squeezed it right on their paper and wouldn't let them wash their brush!

Last class was decoration time:  we added circles from construction paper and decorated with oil pastels.  The yarn was glued on for guitar strings and they were bedazzled.  Incidentally, once they were hung in the hallway there was some theft of the jewels we used, a great opportunity to talk about being Principled.

The second graders are already giving me a hard time..."Why didn't WE get to do those last year?!" 


  1. These guitars look so bright and happy. Drawing man made objects is quite a challenge and such good practice in careful observation. Flamenco music in the art room? Yes, please!

  2. I was tickled to see my blog on your blogroll! Whoo hoo. What an honor. I recently migrated my blog from Wordpress to Blogger. My updated blog address is Would you mind updating the link on your site? Thanks a million and here's wishing you a most wonderful school year.

    ps. I apologize for leaving this as a comment, but I could not find your e-mail address! :)

    1. done, blogroll updated! darn sister, your new blog looks fancy. nice work!!

  3. Really cool guitars, and I think they've captured the Flamenco feel really well! I wouldn't have thought to squeeze the paint directly onto the paper... thanks for sharing!

  4. We had so much fun making these last year!

  5. Thanks for another approach to the awesome guitar lesson. I'm up for this next term with my year 2 class. We have a few ukeleles we could use to begin with. Of course along with appropriate music. Thanks to Phyl and Mary too.