Saturday, September 29, 2012

Primary/Secondary Self Portraits

Our kindergarten color unit is coming to an end.  This is a good thing because I think if I sing the primary color song (or do the What Color Do You Get dance) I might go insane.  It was fun, though.  :)  The children drew one picture of themselves (any way they liked) and I blew it up to A3 and copied it twice.  One of them was decorated using primary colors and the other one guessed it, secondary colors.

The last class was decorating with primary colored macaroni and foam shapes and secondary-ish glitter glue.  Macaroni, glitter glue-- what else could a kindergartener want for endless art time fun?


  1. Wonderful! They all show so much individuality and personality - which is the whole point of a self portrait isn't it? Great idea to include colored pasta (I think that's what it is?), it looks fabulous :)

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, yes we went through my entire overseas order of colored pasta in one go. :)