Sunday, October 7, 2012

Funky Pumpkins

This is about as close to Halloween as I can get without getting into trouble in this part of the world!

These stupendous squash were inspired by the Britto pumpkins floating around the art teacher blogosphere lately.  I had to adapt this for my Grade 1 students, and they rose to the challenge.  First was pumpkin drawing practice, a great opportunity to introduce the kids to making curved lines when an object is round.

They finally got to draw on the big paper (24 by 36"), and outlined their work with permanent marker.  Next step was the painting-- each table got one color plus white (the chairs were pushed away so they could move around) and they had a lot of fun experimenting with making tints. 

Last class was adding line designs with oil pastels and outlining the whole thing with black tempera paint.  The results are super cool and the kids are very proud.


  1. Beautiful work, can't believe it's from 1st grade! Love the top two especially - but I'm a sucker for complementary color schemes! Halloween is a bit touchy here too - I'm thinking a tumble-down house, which (as artists) they can of course creatively add other elements to (perhaps a ghost?) if they feel so inclined! :)

  2. These are adorable. They're a great new take on the more traditional fall/pumpkin art lessons out there.