Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Surreal Paper Mache Bowls

The Grade 1's made paper mache bowls using plastic molds.  We used fun patterned paper for the first layer (the inside) and construction paper for strength for the next few layers.  But even as the classes started finishing, they were kind of boring.

 So, for the last class we started with a thinking routine about that old Surrealist classic, Breakfast in Fur.  Here's how it went:

Many of the kids thought this was a teacup from prehistoric times!

Finally the kids were ready to make their own paper mache bowls a little surreal.  I punched holes along the edge of the bowl and left out bowls of pipe cleaners and other collage materials-- then the kids went to town. 


  1. I love how you posted their visual thinking routine comments. This showcases another aspect of their art experience! PS, I bet they had so much fun making these bowls!!!

  2. Fantasticos trabajos!!! te invito a visitar mi blog la plastica a l´escola blog