Monday, February 25, 2013

Audobon collages

The kindergarten students are in a How The World Works unit with the central idea "Living things change over time."  They were introduced to the artist James Audobon and shown pictures of his work.  The children were very keen to draw realistic creatures-- in this instance birds that have been seen in our community.  Luckily another teacher is an avid birder and we visited his blog to see what birds have visited our desert habitat!  The children paid close attention to shapes and colors as they drew the birds from photos that we found online.

Next, I printed three landscape photos from our community in A3 size and the children cut photos of themselves as budding James Audobons, documenting the birds they see with their colored pencils.  Their bird drawings were lovingly cut and pasted to the backgrounds to make a collage.


  1. Beautiful and surreal! Love these! Pinning :)

  2. I love the way the drawings were incorporated into the collage. Nice!

    I taught Audubon a couple of years back, and a parent with a taxidermy business loaned us several animals, including a fox, a pheasant, and a fisher (all stuffed of course; that fisher looked MEAN!) which we used as drawing models. It was an awesome experience, that I stupidly forgot to photograph.