Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New year, new school, new ideas!

How sweet it is.  After two wonderful years in a Kinder-Grade 2 art room, I took a new position in the school next door, which is Grades 3-5.  I absolutely love it.  Here are some signs and posters I made for my new classroom, mostly "borrowed" and reconfigured from the fabulous ideas on Pinterest.
Each table has a laminated famous painting taped to it.  For the time being, I labeled them but as the kids grow accustomed to things like sitting at the Persistence Of Memory table, I'll take the labels off and leave the picture.  The paintings on this chart are laminated and attached with velcro so they can change weekly.  

Love this idea so the kids can know what it is they're doing  in class, why and how they can demonstrate understanding. 

If you're not going to let them say "I can't" it's only fair to let the kids have other options.  I see this as an important life skill.

Another gem-- many times a new piece of paper isn't the answer!

These are very effective.  Stop sign is a non verbal, emotion free warning and a ticket to the Chill Out Zone is to a chair alone where the child needs to write and explain what agreement they broke and how their behavior will change next time.  

The kids use this as a reference all the time.  My motto is: "I want your best work, not your fastest work."


  1. So many great ideas! I pretty much just pinned every picture...

  2. I like your craftsmanship poster - I just made one similar for this new school year.
    I'm your newest follower!
    ~ Kristin