Monday, November 11, 2013

Chuck Close Style Self Portraits

Holy cow, I can't believe these are finally done.  These took my Grade 5's ten 45 minute sessions to complete!  I started in August with an introduction to portraits and  I used Chuck Close's "Emma" as part of a See Think Wonder activity.  The kids were entranced with Chuck Close's life story and all of the obstacles that he had to overcome during his life. 

I photographed each child and had them make a sketch using an online photo editor.  (The photos had a  lot more spunk and personality when I took them instead of the kids taking their own photos in PhotoBooth).They printed their sketches in A3 size and traced them onto large grid paper.  They colored one section at a time (hair, skin, clothes, background) and planned their colors carefully in their sketchbooks.  

They evaluated themselves based on the criteria on the rubric below:

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