Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sustainability Posters

The Grade 5's recently completed a Unit of Inquiry on Sustainability which was a great link for an inquiry into the art of Chris Jordan.  If you've never seen his work, particularly his "Running the Numbers" series, you've got to check it out.  The children were gobsmacked by some of the statistics that he portrays in his pieces.  We started with the Zoom In Visible Thinking Routine using Jordan's "Wave III."  We started looking at a very close part of the piece and as each slide of the Power Point got further and further away to reveal the completed piece, the children had to explain how their thinking changed with each slide.

Next, the children came up with a plan to create their own Chris Jordan style piece using PowerPoint.  Everyone started with a statistic that they wanted to convey artistically.  This worksheet helped them plan: 

The easiest way after trial and error was to start with a "coloring page" (line drawing) and fill it in with repeated images that somehow related to their statistic.  The goal at the end was to make the completed poster large, so they also needed to understand how to use Google Search tools to look for large size photos.  The last step was adding their statistic to the work in a way that was visually pleasing and then popping the jpeg into to make it bigger using our A4 printer.  

The children have yet to decide where in our community the posters will be hung, but sharing them outside of school is a great example of taking action!

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