Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bodies in Motion

This unit is an integration into the Grade 3 Who We Are Unit that investigates body systems.

Visual Arts Central idea: Artists study the human body to better convey movement and expression

Lines of Inquiry: Why artists study the human body, how is the human body depicted across various genres

Tuning in was lots of great discussion about the following video: 

Students were introduced to the concept of proportion and a class was spent sketching the human figure in various poses.  Kids took turns being models and we also used manikins.  We looked at the work of Edgar Degas and I found a wonderful clip which talks about his use of line to show jittery dancers backstage.

For the final piece, children created poseable paper mannikins and decided on an opening pose. They used sticky tac to adhere the manikin to a piece of paper and traced it in pencil, then in marker.  The children moved the manikin a little (not too much) and traced twice again (pencil, then marker) until there were 4 or 5 outlines on the paper.  

The last step was to add the motion lines around their figures to give the entire piece a feeling of movement. This project was inspired by a post at but and adapted to meet the needs of younger children.

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