Monday, August 10, 2015

Poster love

Tis the season for new starts and new posters. :)  I found a classroom expectation matrix from Art At Becker Middle School and adapted it to meet my needs for Grades 3-5 and a high ELL population--simple yet engaging images, clear language and specific examples.  I put it all together on, printed it poster size using an regular old printer with and voila it's wall ready with no trips to a print shop.   Can you guess what image the kids are going to like the most? ;)

And another one.  I am dipping my toes into a TAB art room model this year and am apprehensive about the quality of work I'm going to see.  I found a photo of W.O.W artwork descriptors on Pinterest with a dead link (please let me know if it's yours) and I used the info to create another canva poster.

Here are the originals that I played with:

(No source...please let me know if it's yours and I will credit you)

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