End of The Year Art Fun-- creative games

What does a Dreamy Mustache at a Shopping Mall look like?  Keep reading to find out!

Another school year coming to a close here in Sri Lanka-- the end of my 23rd year of teaching art at my 5th international school. Life is good!  Kids are finishing up projects and I am finding that some of my early finishers are needing a bit of motivation to get them through the last few weeks.  I took some time a few weeks back to create an art game to use in our downtime and we had an absolute blast playing today.

The game has 6 sets of cards: Elements of Art, Principles of Design, Nouns, Adjectives, Settings, and Art Materials.

With my Grade 4's I had them pick from 3 sets (noun, setting and adjective) but keep their cards a secret.  Then at the end of class they shared their work all the rest of the kids had to guess which 3 cards they got.  It was so much fun!  I've put a link to the cards and other creativity games on my TPT store, just check here. Please send me a photo if you use these in your classroom, I would love to see what your kids come up with!


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