The Chihuly is Up!

The kids decided to call it "Colorful Swirls."  As it was being put up, I thought to myself, I probably should have asked my principal first...I soon got an empty email with only a title: Very Cool!  *big sigh*

Just before we filled in the last little gaps
The proud artists


  1. What material did you use for this? Paper Mache?

    1. Hi kasey, we took plastic bottles and taped sheets of aluminum foil to the bottom. The kids shaped the foil and then we used a white glue and water mixture to stick on large sheets of colored tissue paper over the foil. Every bottle had wire tied to the top (where the lid would go) so that they could easy hang to dry-- then once they were dry we used the same wire to attach it to the basket.

      More about the process here:


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