Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Personal History Profile Collages


The central idea for this PYR/Grade 1 'Where We Are in Place and Time' unit was, "Understanding our personal histories helps us to reflect on who we are and become more internationally minded."

We began these personal profile collages with a discussion about how the events in our lives and places we've lived influence who we are today.  I divided a paper into 4 rectangles and had the kids sketch the following: flag of their country/ies, family picture, one significant event and a map of Cambodia. 

Next I used the LCD projector to trace their profiles...I traced over them in permanent marker and the kids fingerpainted them.  The kids cut their drawings and glued everything on.  As they were working I went around with my laptop and interviewed them about what was in the collage.  These were printed out and stuck on there near each small drawing.  The last step was to cut them out and stick them on black paper.

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