Monday, May 9, 2011

PYP Exhibition- Art

For this year's PYP Exhibition, the Grade 5's central idea was, "We all hold the responsibility to reduce poverty."  We talked about what the visual arts component for this year would be, and decided on photography.

I ended up taking small groups of kids out in Phnom Penh over the course of two weeks to interview "the man on the street."  Unfortunately, in Cambodia, it's more like the children on the street who are often begging.  When you live in a place like this you see it every day and I'm ashamed to say you become numb to it. 

So after practicing photography and interviewing skills on one class of 4 year olds, we headed out to do find out more about the causes and effects of poverty and to practice outdoor portraits.  After one trip, the whole van was silent: a woman had offered to sell us her baby for $1,000.  Another group met an orphan with no education who picked through garbage looking for anything to sell or eat.

The kids chose the best photos to put into a slideshow which can be viewed here:

Then each group chose an image and made pop art using Comic Life.  I had them printed on vinyl and put on a canvas and on Exhibition Evening we auctioned them off.  The Missionaries of Charity who do incredible work here in Phnom Penh are now $700 richer. :)

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