Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Giacometti Sculptures

The final Grade 4/5 project of the year-- "bronze" sculptures in the style of Giacometti.  We started with some figure drawing exercises using what I call "sausage people."

Next, we created stick figures out of pipe cleaners-- it was important to emphasize the length of the arms, as most of the kids wanted to cut them!  Once the stick figures were complete, they taped them to a base (rectangular piece of thin plywood.)  Next we used thick white glue and foil to build the figure-- it was the same process as paper mache, except with foil.  The final (and most popular) step was making them look like bronze with some spray paint.

One coat of black spray paint followed by a quick dusting of gold spray paint accomplished this nicely, and really, what 9 year old (or 34 year old art teacher) doesn't love to spray paint? ;)

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