Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chinese Vase Still Life

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I first saw this over at Deep Space Sparkle and decided to give it a go with Grade 1's as a part of our still life unit.  Luckily I was living in Cambodia at the time so I had lots of samples of blue and white Chinese style pottery to show the kids.  We looked carefully at the designs and looked for clues that would tell us something about the culture of the people who made them.  Dragons and chinese writing were a big clue! ;)

The vases were painted first (lots of talk about curving the horizontal lines in the designs to make it look 3D) and set aside while I gave several lessons about overlapping and "painting exactly what you see, even if you think it looks weird" before I put fresh flowers on every table and we embarked on the final pieces.  The whole thing took 3-4 art classes of 45 minutes each.


  1. I love blue and white porcelain any day of the week and these look fabulous. What a great idea...this is going onto the "to-so" list right now.