Sunday, September 25, 2011

Map of My World (from a kindergartener's point of view)

The point of the project was to make a personal map based on important people and things in their lives.   This was part of an integrated "How We Organize Ourselves" unit with the classroom teachers, the central idea was: "Tools can be used to help us take a physical or mental journey."  The tool in this case of course, was a map.

The main features are a family drawing,  a drawing of their home or an important place in their life, and a drawing of a favorite food or hobby.  After everything was glued on they could add roads, bridges and anything else that would connect the important features.

What an overly ambitious project for the first kinder project of the year-- cutting and pasting and sponge painting and keeping track of everyone's cut out pieces...yeesh! In retrospect, this would be perfect for 1st or 2nd grade-- or even at the end of the the year in kindergarten.

I was inspired by this super cool site where you can make your own map: and I had fun making one for myself.  Would be a very fun digital project to do with smaller groups of older kids or one-on-one with the little guys.

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  1. I love this project! Thank you for the inspiration! My 2nd graders made personal maps in this style for our art show this year. I will be posting pictures on my blog soon and will link credit to you! Thank you again!