Tuesday, October 11, 2011

melting crayons, oh my!!

So when you live on a dry compound in the middle of the desert you have to come up with things to keep you occupied. There are over 100 babies being born this year in our little community of 3,000 people.  So I guess that's what some people are up to for entertainment. 

Some teacher friends and I wanted to have non-procreating fun, so we started a little club called the Crafty Cows.  Our first meeting was in my art room: pizza, non-alcoholic beer and a cool project that I found on Pinterest.  Here are the results...drum roll please...

This is a variation I would love to do as well, except with funkier flowers.  Tough to control the wax with a hair dryer though, I bet whoever made this one used a heat gun.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I think we've all seen this, and "pinned" it, but I'm glad to see someone finally tried it out! What fun! Gotta find some time to play...