Monday, October 3, 2011

Symmetrical butterflies

Finally!  A project at my new school that I am actually happy with.  So what if it's an old standby that I've been doing for years?  :)

Grade Ones are doing a Unit Outside the POI-- central idea: Colors are used in a variety of ways around us.  We sang the Red Yellow Blues.  We made secondary colors and sang about them.  Next we talked about Symmetry (one little guy called it Cemetery...close enough!) and watched a cool symmetry YouTube video which was developmentally appropriate for them.

When the butterflies were drawn with cray-pas and ready to paint, I only gave them primary watercolors and reviewed how to properly mix colors.  It really made a difference having them go back over the lines to make them "super strong" when the paintings were dry. Last step was making the bodies on a separate piece of paper and gluing it on with the antennae underneath the paper.  Can't wait to hang these!

butterflies galore


  1. I very much enjoy your blog! How exciting to be teaching in a foreign country. You must be very adventurous and I envy that! I look forward to your future posts:)

  2. thanks pat-- living abroad has its challenges but it also can be lots of fun. love your wig (and your blog!)