Monday, December 5, 2011

Ocean letters

Central Idea:The seas and oceans are a resource for all life on earth

Visual Arts Line of Inquiry: Drawing the features of the seas and oceans

The second graders needed some drawing practice in a bad way.  It just so happened that they were starting a Sharing the Planet unit that talked about the features of the ocean.   Very appropriate since we live right on the Red Sea.  We drew...and drew...and drew...and finally when they were ready each child chose a sea creature to draw for their final piece.

I printed out some letters in A3 size and they drew/painted the coral.  When they finished their creatures they were cut carefully and pasted to the letters.  Once they were done, I took photos of them and had them printed poster size A0.


  1. Hi there, I'm Sabine, from France. I find your idea of a message in drawings so good I'm going to steal it for my 4 & 5th graders, if you permit it of course! Thanks for the idea!

  2. hi sabine--- thanks for commenting! of course you are welcome to steal ideea you want, sharing ideas is what it's all about. Happy new year!

  3. Hi! I am in the process of dreaming up a permanent tile mural for my elementary school. I wasn't planning on doing this until next school year, but I know I should start planning ahead. Was it you who installed one in your school? If it wasn't you, does any other art teach come to mind that has made one? Thanks for your help!