Thursday, February 23, 2012

School Auction projects

Thought I'd share some school auction projects I've done in the past....

 The first table and chair set was easy-- the kinder kids used stamp pads and skinny Sharpies to make fingerprint insects on paper.  I had them each make two or three and I chose which one to cut out and include.  Once they were glued on to the table and chairs, I added a line for the ground and some grass with a Sharpie directly on the table surface.  When it was all done, several layers of shellac wre added to seal it on and make everything nice and shiny!

The toy chest was a Grade 2/3 project.  I hunted around the internet and printed coral reef and marine life coloring pages.  Each child got to choose one piece of coral and one marine creature to color.  I used a photcopier to make things to scale-- enlarging large coral or the bigger marine life and shrinking shells and smaller fish.

Once the background (sand/water) was painted, the coral pieces were cut and pasted on-- followed by the larger marine life.  The tiny pieces were the last to be added.  Once again, lots and lots of shellac to secure all the bits and we were ready to roll. 

This piece fetched $500 at the auction!!


  1. I think you are a very very talented artist, the fact that you teach is wonderful.The children are very lucky.