Sunday, February 26, 2012

What we're working on...

We're smack dab in the middle of some long term projects.  Nothing finished to show just yet, but here's a peek into what's going on in the art room right now...

Ceramic Mehndi hands-- Grade 2

Ceramic Leaves- Grade 1

Paper Mache Oaxacan Animalitos- Kindergarten


  1. How do you create the animals??? They are terrific!

  2. @ACA Thanks a lot-- it actually was really hard to get the boys to make them because Medhi is a "girl thing" in these parts. I had to tell them to imagine they were getting tattoos!

    @Ms. C- -thanks a lot-- I inherited massive #'s of styrofoam balls from the previous art teacher- so each one started with one big ball and one medium ball taped together-- then the kids taped on legs/tails/ears made of scrunched up paper or cardboard before paper mache-ing the whole thing with colored paper.

    For the designs-- instead of painting I had the kids make "wrapping paper" with 2 small pieces of origami paper-- basically just adding patterns with a permanent marker/white paint marker. Then we used that paper to add a top layer of paper mache to what they wanted to highlight-- ears/feet/legs/etc. I thought of this because little kids painting on top of very lumpy paper mache always looks so terrible. I'll have them do the eyes this way too-- draw them carefully on white paper and cut them out-- paste them on.

    I will do a whole blog post on them when they're done-- hopefully soon as I'm pretty sick of the paper mache paste everywhere. :)