Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to save your child's art and your sanity

Thanks to an idea from a recent post at Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists, I did some research for an article for our school's newsletter. Here's an excerpt:

Scanning or photographing your child's most treasured pieces is a great way to preserve them and de-clutter your home.  Once the favorite pieces are chosen and digitized, here are some fun ideas:   

1.  Make a photo book. (Super easy on  I like the idea of adding photos of the child along with the art.)
2. Make a poster (I made mine at, they are also available at
Here's one I just made for my Lucy Goose

3. Make pretty much anything else you can think of...
notecards, mugs, totebags, calendars, oh my.  There are companies that will embroider your child's work onto bathtowels or even create a plush toy based on your child's drawing! has a lot of options.


  1. Wow! Love all of these. I will add your link to my comments. Now to get working on that poster for my own kids...

  2. I SO LOVE that poster... early years retrospective. hilarious! I linked to your post from my school website that the parents see.

  3. I like the embroidered drawing! When my Art Ed professor (who makes amazing Art quilts) was retiring, the students and other Art dept. faculty made a quilt for him. For my block, I made an embroidered version of a drawing from when I was in preschool. These are fun ideas!