Monday, May 7, 2012

Kinder fishies

 It's the time of year for old standbys, and fish are always a winner.  After a review of "essential fish elements" (body, tail, fins, eyes) we sketched a few on scrap paper.  They chose their favorite one and drew it on canvas.  They outlined in Sharpie and they could choose warm colors or cool colors plus white for the body.

When painting the water-- if they chose warm colors for the fish they used cool for the water and vice versa.  After everything was dry, warm or cool color oil pastels were used for the details (scales, lines on fins, eyes) and then black to outline the whole shebang.

A clear tempera varnish was added as a final step and the kids got to add some glitter to either the water or the fish.  A few classes had some extra time so the kids cut up colored thin plastic rolls of paper (like Saran Wrap) and add the bits to the water.

Cool colors for this fishie

And warm colors for the water-- cool oil pastel details

Black outline pulls things together and the varnish and glitter shine things up :)

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  1. LOVE the fishies! Second one from top with the big eyeball is my favorite! :)