Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Driven to Abstraction

How do artists express themselves using only shapes and colors?

The Grade 1's took a look at Realistic and Abstract pieces and did a few sorting activities in small groups for tuning in.  Once I was confident they knew what abstract meant, we dove into the project.  We did what I call Direct Drawing With a Twist.  I say, "Draw two squares" and that's all I say.  I don't say whether they need to be the same size or different sizes, whether they're next to each other or overlapping, etc etc.  I give one vague direction and the kids run with it.

They did the directed drawings with white pencil on black paper.  Next up was going over the pencil lines with white glue, always a hit.  The following class was showing them how to blend with oil pastels and how to apply them properly (no paper showing through.) 

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  1. I like your Direct Drawing With A Twist approach! Gives them that little bit of guidance and structure so many seem to need and crave!! but also allows loads of room for individual interpretation. I'll have to borrow this! :)