Thursday, November 22, 2012

Completed Grade 1 Radial Designs

The Grade 1's are finishing up an inquiry into Patterns and I thought the radial designs they did a few weeks ago needed something more.  I gave out permanent markers and let them go to town, reminding them that radial designs needed to be the same "up, down, side, side."  They saw plenty of radial designs on their recent field trip to our local mosque, so they had a better grasp on the concept of radial symmetry than when I first introduced it.

Most of them got it!  When they finished decorating with markers, I gave out liquid watercolors and asked them to fill the whole page (ie, no white spots).  The results are pretty cool, some of the tempera bled a bit for a nice effect and which contrasts nicely with the crisp black lines.  Speaking of 'no white spots', have you see the White Spot Inspectors from elementary art guru Tricia Fuglestad?  Brilliant.


  1. These came out great! Very nice project!The marker detailing finishes it up perfectly! :)

  2. Fantastic! I love the addition of line and watercolor! What a great way to teach symmetry to young students.