Tuesday, April 23, 2013

an ipad trial in the art room

I now have 5 ipads in my classroom for a trial which is very exciting but quite challenging classroom management-wise and "I've been teaching for twelve years and it feels like I'm a first year teacher again-wise".  Figuring out how to calm the rest of the kids down (and keep them occupied and not rushing through their work) while the iPadders are doing their thing has been pretty frustrating for the first two classes I've had.

Right now the Grade 1 classes are finishing a How We Organize Ourselves unit on Safety, with the central idea: 
Health and safety systems promote awareness.

In their regular classrooms, they were divided into groups to research a safety issue in our community and when they came to the last art class, each group had a slogan and a sketch of a symbol for their Safety Poster.  When each group completed their symbol, they got to use the iPad to take a photo of it.  After cropping and enhancing colors a bit, they put the photo into a poster of their choice using the app Phoster.  Then they added the slogan.  For a trial run, it went well. 

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