Thursday, October 10, 2013

Identity Boxes

This was a Grade 4 Who We Are Unit with the central idea: "We can create self portraits to communicate who we are and how we view the world."

We started with a See Think Wonder activity-- I put 8 different portraits on the wall in the hallway and the students chose two portraits to investigate.  Each child was given six address labels on which to write their ideas (I see... I think...I wonder...) and they could stick them under the corresponding portrait.

Next came a few classes of front loading skills for drawing self portraits.  I found this fantastic little gem on the Cassie Stephens blog, it was very helpful for explaining proportion.

Once the kids finished up and painted their final self portrait, they started on their boxes.  The first step involved covering the interior with funky paper (I had them pre-cut and saved a lot of drama!) and then attaching their self portrait.  The next step was adding momentos that represented who they are.  

Ideas for things to bring in from home included:

-photos (no more than 3)
-small inexpensive toys
-picture of your favorite book
-something that represents your favorite sport
-a clipping/poem/song in your native language
-flag from your country or a country you love

I am looking forward to teaching the kids to photograph each box using an iPad and doing a reflection with the Explain Everything app.  Then we can attach a QR code to each box before displaying them.