Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Monochromatic Cultural Landscapes

What does a landscape tell us about the culture of the people who live there?  How do climate and geography affect how people look and what they might wear?  How do religious beliefs influence architecture?

The Grade 4's did more than just look at the tricks artists use to make objects look close and far away.  They explored various landscape paintings from around the globe and discovered distinguishing characteristics that give clues about the people who inhabit those landscapes.

We talked about our location (Saudi Arabia) and what symbols we might use to make our landscapes distinctly Saudi.  The children learned how to mix tints of a color and to paint each layer carefully.  The last step of the project was the most fun bit for most-- adding the details in with paint markers.  The children are immensely proud of their first paintings on canvas!


  1. These are stunning! The use of the white paint markers really makes them pop!

  2. I can really appreciate the thoughtfulness incorporated into this lesson.

  3. This is a lesson to remember, many thanks.

  4. Hello, I've just discovered you via lovely Pinterest! Can I link to you in my blog please? I love this lesson, it's a refreshing take on the black marker outlining everything! I teach in Oman so the middle eastern feel is just perfect, a great inspiration, thank you. Take care, ma salama! X