Thursday, September 18, 2014

PYP Visual Arts Central Ideas II

PYP Art teachers-- do you ever wish you had a crystal ball to come up with a central idea that you can use in a stand alone planner, or one that's broad enough that you can integrate?  Solid central ideas are no easy task!  Here is another version of a previous post, with some new central ideas and organized by related concept.


Celebrations and traditions are an important part of our cultural identity.
Architecture often reflects culture.
Lives are changed through encounters with people of different beliefs and cultures.

Celebrations are important to people all around the world.

Cultural traditions can be preserved in artwork, and can help people express their identities.
Beliefs, values, and ideas are represented and communicated through symbols.

Expression of belief is all around us.

Traditional art help us make sense of our world and to understand aspects of culture.

Rituals, traditions and artifacts of different cultures are expressions of their beliefs and values.

Images communicate ideas and information.

We are able to choose what we think and how we express ourselves.

People can create emotive messages to influence an audience.

Humans express their ideas and use persuasion to influence others.

People use a variety of languages to communicate their ideas and feelings.

Stories can be constructed, told and interpreted in different ways.

Through the arts people use different forms of expression to convey their uniqueness as human beings.

Visual art is a language through which people explore ways to communicate personal ideas, thoughts and emotions.

Creative expression provides many ways to communicate ideas and emotions.

Artistic expression can be a reflection of the social consciousness of the time.
Through the Arts people express, explore and interpret ideas and feelings.

Personal perspectives influence how people communicate through the arts. 

Everyone belongs to an ethnic group, each having its own forms of expression.

Visual arts is a language through which people explore ways to communicate personal ideas, thoughts and emotions.

Images and ideas from our imagination can be expressed in many ways.

Visual expression is an art form.

There is more than one way to tell a story.

Effective communication takes many forms.

Ideas and feelings are expressed and interpreted through the visual arts.

Images and ideas from our imagination can be expressed in many ways.

We choose and use different forms of digital media for specific purposes and specific audiences.

People communicate through the arts to express their beliefs and feelings.

Art forms can represent various messages and contexts in the past and present.

A portrait reflects the emotions and characteristics of the person depicted.

Images and ideas from our surroundings can be expressed in many ways.

The fine arts provide us with the opportunity to reflect on, extend, and enjoy creativity.
People use different materials and resources to express feelings, ideas and understanding.

The natural world inspires and challenges artistic development.

Art can be used to communicate ideas and experiences creatively.

We have unique ways to express our point of view.

Colors are used and interpreted in a variety of ways around us.

People can express themselves in many ways.

Architecture inspires and challenges artistic development.


Personal experiences provide the sparks for artistic creation.

Personal histories allow us to reflect on who we are and where we’ve come from.

In life and in art, people use their bodies to express who they are and how they feel.

Culture may be expressed in a variety of ways.


Visual representations facilitate our understanding of the world around us.

Art is an expression of human feelings and ideas and is open to interpretation.

Noticing and analyzing patterns helps us interpret, explain and respond to our environment.

Our cultural heritage allows us to celebrate who we are, and shapes our vision of the future.

Media can influence thinking and behavior.


We can use a variety of artistic techniques and materials to represent nature.

Rocks and sand are in our natural environment and we use, value and interact with them in a variety of ways. 

The natural world provides inspiration to artists.

People can establish practices to maintain and sustain the earth’s resources.


  1. This list is fantastic. I've come back here a dozen times already as I plan my curriculum overview!

  2. Thank you! I have used some of your central ideas. I love how you have categories as well :)