Monday, June 8, 2015

Using PicMonkey to organize the art room iPads

We've been using the iPads a lot lately-- my Grade 3's made claymation movies, my Grade 5's went to the local grocery store to do stop motion animation with whatever they could find-- it's been a blast.

Organizing the content, however, has been less fun. The problem lies in the kids remembering which iPad they used when they return to class for Day 2 of a project.  Some would forget to write it down or forget where they wrote it down--- it was a disaster and class time was lost to kids flipping through every iPad to try and find their content.  Not good.

Enter one of my late night Pinterest sessions and I saw a post here where the teacher created wallpaper with the number of the iPad on it. Genius! How had I not heard of that?  I gave my Grade 5 students a challenge-- create new wallpaper for the iPads using  They did not disappoint, and with some of the wallpaper they created, I don't think forgetting iPads will be an issue any more (especially Black #4, yikes!)

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