Thursday, May 5, 2016

Surreal Worlds

My Grade 4's were prepping for their next unit which investigates the concept of artistic inspiration, specifically about how nature can inspire artists.  There is lots of material to "go traditional" with this particular unit but sometimes I feel like they have been Moneted and VanGoghed to death by the time they get to 4th grade.

We started by exploring organic shapes and forms and we practicing different tricks that artists use to create the illusion that their shapes are 3D (shading, contour lines, overlapping, etc.)

The next step was using oil pastels to draw several textured organic shapes on large black paper. Once that was complete, I sat with the children and had them imagine that they could shrink down to the size of a teacup and climb inside their picture.  What kind of things could they do in there-- we wrote action words on the SmartBoard-- slide, jump, swim, climbing, hanging...this element was important because without it many children will just take selfies with their artwork in the background.

Once the children looked at their work and decided on body movements, they photographed themselves in action in front of our ad hoc green screen (two pieces of green butcher paper taped together.)  They uploaded their photos along with their organic shape pic to Baazart and had a play.  They came up with absolute gems like these...

But wait!  We were full of, "What would happen ifs..."  I asked the kids what might happen if we uploaded images to another app, Flipomatic?  Check it out...

Some of the kids decided they wanted to upload the Flipomatic images back into Baazart, and this is what was great to let the students decide where there endpoint would be and use each others' work as inspiration.
"The Carpet Seller" 

If you are interested in learning more about using iPads in your art room, definitely check out Mrs. Jardin's ART room and the iPad Art room.  It was this post from iPad Art room about multi media workflows that inspired this project. 

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