Tuesday, June 6, 2017

SeeSaw, Reflection and Flipping

It's taken a while but my students are fairly skilled at using reflection in various forms in art class. A few weeks ago an assignment for an online course made me think about how much time I spent repeating routines and procedures (yes, there are posters but it doesn't stop the kids from asking where to find the pencils.) One of the questions they ask me a lot is: "How do I upload to SeeSaw?" They only upload about 4 or 5 times a year so I understand why they might forget.  Well, this art teacher happened to just finish a course in Flipping the Classroom and as a result I've been creating videos like a wild woman. Check out my YouTube Channel here, there will be many more videos uploaded as I prepare for next year.

I already have reflection sentence starters laminated (don't judge the plastic, 300 students share them) for the kids to take with them as they head outside with their iPads to their "SeeSaw Spots" in the hall to do quiet reflections.  One side is self reflection and the other is peer. I thought it might be a good idea to create a few videos that explained how exactly to log in (I have them scan their class QR code since it's a lot faster and easier than logging into their google account each time) and to have the QR code to the "how to" videos right on the reflection sheet.  So if they forget, it's right there and they don't need leave their SeeSaw spot to come and get a refresher from me.  This is also all part of the "gradual release of responsibility"  model that we are going to unpack as the art room turns "full TAB" next year. But more on that part later.

Here are the links to my videos, Uploading to SeeSaw and Giving Peer Feedback.  One quick note about the peer feedback, by the time artwork is uploaded to SeeSaw it's usually finished.  For this reason, we keep all the SeeSaw peer feedback positive.  Critical feedback is given face to face in class, and we model and practice it.  We consider the peer feedback on SeeSaw more of a celebration of what they've learned and an opportunity to interact with fans of our artistic endeavors. :)

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