Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Visual Arts, PYP Exhibition and TAB


At the start of planning this year's Exhibition, I wondered how I could meaningfully and authentically integrate the Arts into PYPEXH while honoring the choice based art philosophy that I've worked so hard to cultivate in art class?  The answer for our team this year relied on mutual support among team members, a commitment to a flexible schedule and letting the students own how they wanted to share their EXH journey artistically.

Here is an infographic I created to share our team's process.  By using our own Arts focused central idea we were immediately were able to dive into art and artists who raise awareness instead of playing the waiting game until the EXH students were able to know enough about their issue to tackle it artistically.

By looking at contemporary art through the lens of raising awareness, students were better connect with how artists can symbolically share their message or use emotion to educate the viewer.  This deeper thinking about the purpose of art really came through when it was time to create and the children in the art room were focused, engaged and happy throughout the process. What more could an art teacher want?  Next year we plan to refine the structure and give the children even more choices and make time for even more opportunities to create.  

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