Saturday, September 1, 2018

Explicit teaching and learner agency

Some of my earliest frustrations with TAB stemmed from giving students too much freedom when they weren't ready and didn't have enough experience creating self directed art to know how to use their time in class. Scaffolding the specific behaviors I am looking for at each stage of the creative cycle and then giving them time to reflect on those behaviors is a critical part of giving learners the foundational skills they need for success in a learner directed art room.

After some great conversations with fellow PYP/TAB teachers in our facebook group, I made a new poster for our art studio.  The full sized version can be found here. It lists key stages of the creative process and then behaviors that are expected from each stage.

I also made two sketchbook sized versions where students will reflect with evidence of how they met each criteria.  Learners can choose whether written or oral reflection suits them- one tool allows students to respond by writing and the other can be used along with an oral reflection on SeeSaw, our digital portfolio tool.  All learners will use the reflections to set goals for the next lesson.

I hope these will be useful as we scaffold the skills that these young artists need to be self directed in the art room.

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