Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Pattern: A TAB/PYP Unit of Inquiry

What effect does creative expression have on well being?  What connection might patterns in our daily lives have on well being?  What might the connection be between well being, religious art and pattern?

Grade Level: 4
Conceptual Lens: Pattern
Related Concept: Repetition
Key Concept: Function
Level of Integration with Homeroom UOI: 2
ATL: Application
Creating and Presenting Outcome: Use a variety of materials, tools and techniques for different purposes in response to design challenge
Exploring forms and cultural contexts outcome: Interpret a variety of visual art forms they see at home, at school, in their community, and in visual arts experiences
Reflecting, Responding, Analyzing Outcome: Identify and document art related strengths and interests while creating a plan for areas of improvement and soliciting peer and teacher feedback.
Open Centers: Drawing and Painting
Cultural/Art History connections: Sand Mandalas, Op Art, Islamic Art

Some examples of student work:

Zentangle patterns on the tree and moon (full disclosure, this one is my daughter's and I love it)

A zentangle cat in a one point perspective room with zentangle curtains :)

A carefully chosen glittery border embellishment on this radial design

A bird with funky patterned wings

This artist learned how to add texture with seed beads 

This artist also focused on the negative space in her 7 circle design

Completed works and reflections on display

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