Wednesday, October 3, 2018

PYP Learner Profile in Art

For my professional inquiry goal this year, I want to find any gaps in my TAB/PYP practice and figure out how to address them, with a push on promoting even more learner agency than before.  My Pedagogical Coordinator thought it might be smart to start out by creating a profile of traits that a PYP/TAB learner should have so I had a metric to gauge which students still needed more scaffolding. I started making a list, and all roads took me back to the Learner Profile.  If you look closely there are many links to both the Studio Habits of Mind and the ATL's. So, 

It became clear that is was time to update my old Learner Profile posters with clear and succinct statements about what each profile trait might look like in a TAB/PYP art room where the students are in the driver's seat of their own learning.

It also was a good opportunity to include photos of diverse contemporary artists at work. These were all made on Canva and are available in full resolution here.

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