Monday, November 12, 2018

Artists Observe and Tantamounter

The Grade 3's are knee deep into a stand alone unit that digs into observation, interpretation and creativity

I saw a few blog posts about a project called Tantamounter and I thought it might be fun to try.  Tantamounter was a project that started in 2005, a group of artists in New York would take an object from the public and re-create in an artistic way that was "tantamount" to the original. Check it out here.

Here were the constraints:

-they had three 45 minute blocks to complete them

-the object they copied had to be physically in the room (we talked a lot about form, they needed to be able to hold the object and look at it from all perspectives.) I had a box of random items for them to choose from.

-they could use any center they wanted except painting (no time for paint to dry). Open centers were Fibers, 3D, Drawing, Collage, and Polymer Clay.

They were so excited to put their laptop in a real box :)

Lots of attention to detail here
An incredible amount of detail on this felt/cardboard pencil box

Everyone needs a ukelele pillow in their life!

This nail polish can open and it has a brush inside, just like the real thing

The two artists that worked on this redid the top part three times and finally got it right, talk about Engage and Persist!

This team figured out how to make the clock hands move

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